Wow! This process is just moving right along right now. We have had 2 meetings with our social worker and we have another one Friday and then the last one on Wednesday. They are going very well and we have connected with Charlotte (our social worker) on a personal level, so it has not even been uncomfortable. Once we finish the last visit next week, she will write up her report and turn it in to Open Door. I received great news this week in that the home study doesn’t get sent off to the State of GA for approval… it only has to be approved by the adoption agency! This means a little less beaucracy and less wait time!! Yay! So here is the timeline that we are hoping for right now, and asking you all to pray for, according to God’s will, of course…

  1. Home Study Approved by the end of May
  2. Dossier document gathering and CIS application approved (immigration) by the end of June (this is sooner than average, so please pray)
  3. Dossier certified by the state and US government by the end of July
  4. Dossier sent to China by the 1st of August
  5. Referrals of our girls (when we get the pics and make a decision on accepting them) by mid August/ Acceptance of referrals by the end of August
  6. Travel to pick up the girls in December (What a Christmas present this would be!!!)

Of course, these dates are on the “hopeful” side of things, so please, please pray that God will grant us favor. Our coordinator says that right now immigration approval is taking anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks, so we would really like to be on the 4 day side of things. The other time frame that has leeway is the certification of our docs by the US. Pray that we won’t get caught in any red tape!

We are thrilled to think that we may have our girls by the end of the year, but also a little overwhelmed with the thought. Need lots of prayer in this area as well. This will be a huge change for our family…the best one ever, but the most challenging as well. We need the support of our family and friends like never before as God fulfills His purpose in us. Thank you so much for all you do to be a part of that. So thankful that we are not walking alone.

The waiting is challenging, so many things outside of our control, but somehow I am learning to like it. If I can’t control it, it does no good to waste energy on it, so I have to consciously place it in God’s Hands and utilize that saved energy on other things. Faith and Trust and Patience are all difficult lessons, but as we learn them, our lives become stable and healthy. If God is on our side, what have we to fear? His timing is always perfect!