2011 seems to be flying! The boys have one more week of school left and then they are out for the summer! Crazy… Even more crazy is the fact that Jordan will be in 6th grade next year…middle school! We’re going to have a middle schooler and a football player. I am taking a deep breath even as I write this. I guess I just never quite thought it would happen. Kids grow up soooo fast. It seems like just yesterday I was helping my middle school brother with his homework, and playing Monopoly with my middle school brother-in-law, so I’m not quite sure how my son is now at this stage of life.

Admist this bittersweet time, we are more ready than ever to have our little girls here. Finishing our home study last week was a great feeling. One more step closer to having our children all under the same roof once more :). We are so excited! I am beginning work this week on our I-800 immigration form and as soon as we have our home study back, we will be mailing this out. The paperwork portion of this journey is just about over…for now!

We have had a new opportunity come our way through our adoption agency. Open Door works with a program called Homes of Hope International. This program brings over orphans from the Ukraine for 5 weeks in the summer and winter to host families, some who are interested in adopting them and some who just feel called to give them hope. David and I feel like we are the latter, so this summer we will be hosting 2 brothers, ages 5 and 8. In order to do this, we will need money for their travel and also to provide items for them to take back to the orphanage when they go home. We are planning some fundraisers right now to recoup these costs that we are paying out of our adoption fund. We are going to do a yard sale on June 3rd and 4th and maybe a car wash soon. We need donations for the yard sale, so if you have anything you are interested in giving, please let me know as soon as possible. I can come pick it up or it can be dropped at my house. I will be sending an email out this week that will give more info about giving monetary gifts. We are so thankful for everyone who is already supporting us through all of this and we ask desperately for your prayers in the days, months, and weeks ahead.

Our lives are quickly changing and sometimes it is overwhelming, but both David and I and, I think, even our children realize that this is not our doing, it is God’s. The mission He has given us on this earth is not about us or how comfortable we can be… it is about building His kingdom and being His hands and feet to those around us. We have been prepared to walk this road, but we still have moments when it is very scary, so please pray that we will have courage, wisdom, and endurance for everything that God is asking of us. Not only with the orphans that our lives will touch, but in every area of our lives that He is changing right now. We know that the support of our friends and family is crucial to our ability to move forward…so thank you with all our hearts!