Hot, hot, hot… words that describe just about every day lately! We need some rain to wash away all this dryness! Funny, how David and I feel that way even about our lives lately. The days lately have been a little dry for us. But not without cool drops of refreshing rain here and there. We find that rain in our friends and family. So many of you supporting us through this season in our lives. So many of you thoroughly interested in what God is doing in our family. So many of you faithful to help in as many ways as you can. Some of you supporting us even in spite of your own trials, pain, and busyness. We don’t take it for granted… it doesn’t go unnoticed! We pray every day that Christ will bless you beyond measure for the blessing you are to us.

Summer is definitely here, and we definitely feel a bit dazed! We are waiting on our approved home study to come in the mail, so that we can send off our I-800A immigration form. I check the mailbox eagerly once again. I thought it had come one day last week, but alas, it was just my boss sending me some more checks, so I could pay his bills…lol. Thankfully we are also waiting on the boys from Ukraine to join us and help our summer to go a bit quicker…not that I really want it to, but I also do, ya know what I mean? The boys should be here on June 24th and we hope to throw them a party in July as we are pretty sure they have never had their own party! So hopefully many of you will get to meet them!

We are still searching for a church, which is a bit difficult during a time when we could use that kind of a support system. But we are also excited about what God has in store for our family in the ministry of His Kingdom. We have visited the Orchard a couple times now and really like it, but we are taking our time in prayer and trying to make sure that wherever we settle will be where we are supposed to be for a while. We feel that God has some plans in the works right now, so we are just trying not to short cut the process. Impulsive me is starting to feel like my dog probably feels when I chain her up in the front yard…lol.

I don’t know that life has ever been so unknown, but neither has is ever had so much potential. We are definitely learning patience, definitely finding ourselves continually on our knees, and definitely cannot say that we are in charge right now. Trusting in our big God to lead us through this summer daze :)!