So we went to our Biometrics appointments today which turned out to be nothing more than digital fingerprinting… such a bummer. I was expecting to be grilled for an hour and then given a lie detector test and a hand writing analysis. Nothing happened more shocking then having to leave my purse in the car. Immigration employees are a bit paranoid, but these days, I guess I would be too. We were finished in less then 30 minutes which may have been more shocking then a hand writing analysis.

I also had a good, long talk with our adoption agency program director and got a good idea of what I will be working on for the next 2 months. Evidently every one of my documents that are gathered for the dossier to China have to be authenticated in the county where the notary that notarized them is registered, then in the state of that county, and then at the US consulate assigned to that state. Sounds relatively simple, right? NOT! I have documents notarized in Cobb, Walton, and Newton counties, plus one in…wait for it…Manasses, Delaware. Plus my birth certificate has to be authenticated in WA state and sent to a different consulate in CA then all of my GA documents which will go to TX. All of this is done through in person visits, mailing, and courier. Well, at least I will have something to do while I am waiting for Immigration to send us our approval. I’m not complaining.

The good news is the program director said that we are on track to get our referral at the beginning of September!!! This is when we find out who our child is. I cannot even tell you how unreal this seems and I think after all this paperwork phase, we will be absolutely thrilled to death to be waiting to travel :)! She reminded me to take pics when I put the final docs in the mail to be sent off to China as it will be quite an accomplishment! I completely agree.

So far, smooth sailing! Keep praying, friends. I know beyond a doubt it is the favor of God. We are very hopeful that we are more then half way there :).