Documents are now on their way to China!!! Well, sorta… I sent them off to the adoption agency on Tuesday. They should arrive tomorrow and then they will be sent off for translation and then off to the Chinese government. Our case worker thinks that we will have our referral somewhere around September 20th!!!! The referral will include a picture of our child and her background information. I really am having a hard time waiting to meet her. Emily (our case worker) says that these days are a piece of cake compared to the waiting that takes place after we have laid eyes on our real life child stuck all the way across the world in China until we get approval to travel. Yep, I can see that.

This week has been tough. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think it has something to do with our return from Family Camp. Family Camp at Sharptop Cove is a little piece of heaven. We are so thankful to Dad and Liz for this gift that they give us every year. The opportunity to leave the world of technology and spend quality time with family in a place of beauty is completely amazing…but add to that the focused time with God and the spirit of Jesus that surrounds this incredible ministry and it is a bit more than just a vacation. Every year my spirit drops when it is time to leave. I mean, who wants to leave heaven? Who wants to go home and cook their own meals…lol? Not me! So coming home to “normal” was a bit hard for me this year. I had to jump right in to school craziness, event planning for an event that I am responsible for in just 10 days, and bookkeeping work. It just hit me in the face and overwhelmed me. As I was crying myself to sleep last night, the voice of our Saviour whispered sweetly in my ear and calmed my frustrations. He is always so sweet and gracious when we need Him the most and yesterday was one of those days.

So tonight I sit here reflecting on the little glimpses of heaven that we get here on earth. Things like babies being born, the first cool fall breeze, kisses from someone in love with us, happy times with family and friends, and the moments when we know that we know Jesus, Himself, is holding us…little pieces of an eternal future. This is just our temporary residence. One day we will not have to struggle and keep up and cling to the merry-go-round of life. We will be free and we will be at rest in a place of purity and joy everlasting. Definitely something to look forward to! But until then, I will happily anticipate holding our daughter in my arms for the first time…totally believe that will be heaven on earth :).

I love You, Jesus!