Gosh, I never cease to be amazed at God. He is ever so faithful and always comes through. I rarely even question it any more, because He just shows up at the right time.

About two weeks ago, I received a call from our adoption agency informing me that we were missing a Dr. explanation letter for David’s recent back surgery. As rushed as I was to get this letter to our completed dossier, I was delayed by the fact that we had booked a cruise over fall break and would be gone for 5 days. I requested that the letter be mailed to me while we were on that trip and left thinking I would mail it right to the adoption agency when I got back.

The cruise is a whole nother post in itself, but needless to say it was quite torturous. It started with the fact that most of the ship stayed up to all hours of the morning “Party Hardying” right outside our door. After the second night of less then 2 hours of sleep, I was ready to get off, but as you know, on a cruise you are stuck, whether you like it or not. That fact made me feel very “trapped” and it was all I could do not to beg David to get us a flight out of Jamaica :). The days at sea were filled just trying to avoid all the inappropriateness going on and find some family friendly activities…most days we just resigned ourselves to the cabin. The stop that I got off at, Jamaica, turned out to be quite a tourist trap and after be “conned” out of all of the cash we brought off board, we were anxious to get back on the ship for another sleepless night. We did enjoy getting to experience the dolphins and the wild life at Dolphin Cove, but other then that, it was craziness. I didn’t even get to get off the boat at the Caymans because I had not slept AT ALL the night before and I was completely exhausted. David and the boys went to see the stingrays and the turtles while I took a Benadryl and tried to catch some “zzzz’s” while the party people were enjoying the island. Of course, when my family returned they were quick to inform me that the Cayman stop was the best of the whole trip. Hmmmm…. I was soooo happy when our feet were finally back in the US… and I am a little bit less of a travel person than ever. Home, sweet home is alright with me. I did think that it was very ironic that the name of our ship was the “Destiny”. I have a feeling that we are about to step right into ours :)!
After this experience, we decided that it is probably best for David to make the trip to China on his own. As much as I hate to miss it and not be there, I would just end up making it more difficult in the long run. I am not a good traveler and am not good for long periods of time away from home and in large crowds, etc, etc. All of which is required for this trip. The flights we have checked on are upwards of $1700 and so taking the whole family is pretty much out, and since I am very sure I would be nervous wreck on the other side of the world without my children, it just seems the best plan for David to go himself. I am actually excited for him to be able to be a full time dad for two weeks and bond with our little girl. I know that if I did go, he would end up letting me do everything and I think the bonding that will take place while he takes care of her on his own with be incredible. They will get off to an amazing start.

So we got home from the cruise last Thursday and the first thing I did was check the mail… no letter. So the next day I called the Dr. office and picked it up. Then I mailed it regular mail to the adoption agency. I guess God then decided that we needed a little drama, because our coordinator called and said that China was changing some of their procedures and if the letter did not arrive by today, we would have to complete 3 more docs which would cause another delay. So once again we prayed, knowing that ultimately the timing belongs to God… And 20 minutes ago I received a call from the agency assuring us that all is well and our packet was mailed on time. So TODAY, the paperwork that consumed us for 6 months is on its way overseas…next stop China!!! This means that we should be on the referral list for October which should come out in a couple of weeks. We are almost there!
Thank you so much for your prayers and for your support. Please continue to pray that God will be very present in this journey and that everything will go according to His will.