As we continue to await our final travel approval so that we can go get little princess, Kate, our world has lost 2 other princesses this week. These sweet babies have gone to see the King and I felt the need to post today in their honor.

Princess Laura Winstanley was a young 7 years old and battled throughout her lifetime with severe handicap. I only ever saw her from afar and never got to meet her, but I look forward to one day soon when we are introduced in heaven. I have heard tales of her smile, of her bravery, of her influence even in the face of death. She was dearly loved by the Orchard church, and we will be privileged with celebrating her life on Easter Sunday…the same day that we celebrate the risen Savior that is now holding her totally healed body in His arms. Laura’s songs will surely stream from heaven into the hearts of those who love her.

Princess Piper Needham was also 7 years old when she journeyed to heaven this week. She fought leukemia for several years before it finally claimed her life. I have only ever read the faith filled words of her mother on a blog, but I was struck at the specialness of this little girl. She was an inspiration to everyone who met her. Her mother held her right until the end. I simply cannot bring myself to imagine feeling the life drain out of my child. This brave family is left to face days that can only be walked through by leaning desperately on the Comforter. Their daughter will surely sing over them often from heaven.

As incredibly heartbreaking as these ending are… it also means a new beginning for these little girls. No longer will their bodies struggle through each day, no longer will they require medicine or wheelchairs or doctors or hospitals, no longer will they suffer in pain and sickness. They have been made thoroughly and wonderfully whole. I picture them singing and dancing together, every now and then making sure that Jesus is taking care of their loved ones. They are running the streets of gold with flowers in their hair, racing to see who can reach Jesus first. They are without tears or pain or suffering of any kind. And I imagine that these two sweet princesses are great friends. Their voices entwine as they sing songs of comfort over the ones they left behind. If you listen closely you will hear them.

Very little in this life really matters. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. None of us are guarateed health. All of us are dying…some of us slower than others, but we are all racing toward eternity. Where will we spend it? What can we take with us? What will we leave behind? What kind of legacy are we building? It is wise for us to not only answer these questions, but also to reevaluate the answers. How are we spending our time?…because it is limited…whether we think about it or not on a daily basis, we only have so many moments on this earth. It is never too late…you are never too young or too old…to begin anew. And you are never too disabled to make a difference. These sweet princesses have been living examples of that.

Lord, help me to make use of every moment I am given…not spending it on my own pleasure, but giving my life to further Your Kingdom.