I know that most of my writing and posting has pertained to Kate, and I wanted to take just a little “time out” to give some attention to the fine young men that I have growing up in this household.  Despite the fact that Kate is at the forefront, they have never dimmed in these parents minds and they are still just as wonderful and loved as they ever were.

Jordan is becoming very much like his father…hardworking, smart, and yes, sometimes very sarcastic.  He recently planned a basketball championship in our basement that would have rivaled the NBA playoffs.  His creativity often surprises me because he is built so logically.  Today he was recounting to me why Kia Lan (one of Kate’s TV programs) is so unrealistic…I mean how could Kai Lan and Toley really win the boat race when they were sitting around discussing how to stay calm and singing songs…just doesn’t make sense.  He has recently taken over our yard work at home…11 years old and he is edging and sprinkling and blowing like a teenager.  He astounds me with his capability and it won’t be long until he is actually smarter than me (right now he just thinks he is)…then we will all be in trouble.  He is such a great big brother, not only to Kate, but to Nathan as well.  He has a sense of responsibility that only comes with being born first, and he rises to any challenge that presents itself, stepping in as “the man” to help me out.  I am really, really excited to get to teach Jordan this year at home and see how directing his focus will grow his knowledge by leaps and bounds. 

Jordan is a very talented baseball, basketball, and football player.  He has always played with heart and as he is getting older, he is learning the benefits of exercise and consistent practice.  Usually not a day goes by that he isn’t out shooting hoops, hitting the ball with Nathan, or playing catch with the football.  The season determines which one, but he is a sports fanatic.  He blew me away last night at dinner.  The NBA draft was on TV in the restaurant and he started naming players and asking if they had been drafted yet and who they went to.  He is a wealth of knowledge. We are so proud of the young man that Jordan is becoming and we see how God is enhancing him through Kate’s transition into our family.  He went quickly from “I don’t want a sister” to “Kate, do you want Jordan?” Jordan is definitely our strength.

Nathan has a sense of humor that keeps us rolling.  Rarely does a day pass that we aren’t truly laughing at something he said.  He has a flair for the dramatic and expressions that need no words to make them funny.  Nathan will tell you details that you never needed (or wanted) to know.  Today I took him to the doctor because he picked a scab on his knee and his whole knee started to swell (turned out to be STAF) and the doctor asked him a couple questions into which Nathan launched into a description that started from the moment he woke up this morning.  Even telling on someone becomes a chance to use his words as he very accurately gives account of the situation from location to time to severity in his overly dramatic fashion.  He brings such a spice to our life that we bore at anything short and sweet anymore.

Nathan loves to aggravate Kate.  I think it is because he has always been the youngest and now there is someone small enough to aggravate…that, and it is just Nathan’s way to find your buttons and sit on them.  But he also loves to love on Kate and most of the day I hear him asking for kisses or calling her “honey” or carrying her around as much as she’ll let him.  I have a feeling that they are going to be great pals.  Nathan even changed her diaper by himself recently.  He is a great help and very sensitive to others needs.  If he sees me having a particularly challenging day, it is not unusual for him to start doing things around the house without being asked.  Recently he asked to take Jordan’s punishment for something Jordan was in trouble for…I ended up letting him because it was a great picture of what Jesus did for us.  He has a precious heart.

Nathan loves to play his Angry Birds game and also to make up all sorts of crazy board games for his Mario characters with poker chips and dice.  He has a creative imagination like his mom and sometimes comes up with the craziest scenarios.  He can entertain himself for hours once he gets started and I never question where he is in the house because I can usually hear him.  Rarely is he completely quiet, whether he is talking to himself, humming a tune, or yelling at his brother.  He is such an incredible joy.

I love these two with all of my heart and Kate has only served to enhance them.