Today was Kate’s one week ortho check up to make sure that her bone was still in the correct position for healing.  David was super swamped at work, so he took the boys to the office and let me drive his car to Atlanta…brave man!  I must say that it was much easier to get Kate in and out of his little car than it is my big van.  Since she can’t sit up, she has to lay across a seat in a harness in the car.  This presents a difficult entry and exit in the van as I have to climb in, shove my way to the back seat, lay her down, strap her in, and climb out.  So David’s sacrifice was a big one :).

I rushed out of the house this morning forgetting Kate’s stroller and her diaper bag and breakfast.  I seriously do not think I was completely awake because I haven’t been so thoughtless in a long time.  As I was pulling out of the driveway, the light bulb came on, but then I realized that I had also forgotten my house key…so that was that. 

Kate’s ortho is in Atlanta, so my drive would be around an hour.  I sent up a little prayer for no poop, and weaved my way down I-20 and 285 in complete peace and quiet.  The car was so serene without the boys arguing, fighting, and basically trying to kill each other.  I should have known I was in trouble when I missed my exit off 285 and added 10 minutes to my drive according to my GPS.  When I got on 85, Kate started to have a meltdown…and I do mean MELTDOWN.  She kept repeating through adamant screams that she wanted to get out.  So here I am in 85 traffic trying to keep my cool and avoid all the professional commuters, all the while trying to explain to a screaming child that getting her way would definitely not make her happier at the moment.  The exit I got off on was packed and of course, I was in the wrong lane to make the righthand turn directly off of it, so once again my GPS was rerouting me…and the screams were not stopping.  I glanced back at Kate who had somehow wiggled out of her harness and was now up on all fours in the backseat.  Traffic was bad on the reroute and I knew it would be 10 more extra minutes before we arrived.  All I could do was pray “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… HELP ME!”  (Obviously I don’t do well in high pressure Atlanta traffic situations.)

I contemplated stopping at a drive thru because it was now after 10am and I had yet to eat or drink, but I thought it would probably a total disaster since they couldn’t hear my order anyway.  I finally arrived at the Ortho office after a few more U turns and a misstep into an abandoned building parking lot and pulled Kate out of the car…of course, her screams ceased immediately.  But I had another problem…no stroller… so I had no choice but to carry Kate everywhere in the cast that weighs as much as she does.  I also had to go to the bathroom, which was an Olympic feat in itself with a 2 year old in one arm.  I learned today how to pull up and button my pants with one hand!!

The doctor appointment itself went very smoothly.  Kate got a couple of xrays and then her ortho showed us that she is healing very nicely.  He scheduled the cast to come off in 5 weeks, which is Sept. 26th.  Nice to have a set in stone countdown.  I am very comfortable with this new ortho and we would have never met him had not Kate broken her leg, so I know that there has been purpose in all of this…remind me of that over the next 5 weeks, K?

After we finished at the doctor, we decided to have lunch at Boston Market right up the street and I only had to make one U-turn to get there!  It was yummy, especially after the breakfast of tic tacs that I had in the waiting room.  After eating, we stopped by QT right next door and got a pack of diapers because I wasn’t taking any chances.  I changed Kate in the parking lot and we headed home.  All of this required a lot of muscle, so I was exhausted on the drive home.  Kate got the nap in the back seat and I struggled to keep myself uncomfortable enough to not let my eyes close.  After the hour drive home, I was ready to crash, but remembered as I pulled into the driveway that I didn’t have a house key…and that someone had removed the spare and not put it back where is belongs (not naming any names…DAVID!).  This meant I had to drive to Loganville and get my keys from David…which means I would have to get the rest of the kids from David…which means no nap for Candace.

I promise I have a brain… I just need to go find out where I misplaced it.  It is probably somewhere back in dreamland wondering how my body is functioning without enough sleep.  Maybe I’ll catch up with it tonight and it will be well rested!