I hate to ostracize anyone from my blog with a political post, but I guess if my complete adoration for Jesus Christ has not turned you off to me, than this probably won’t either. 
1.       Libya– this is really the only reason I should need to give.  His state department ignored several direct requests from the Libya ambassador to beef up security, get him out of there, or foil the plot that was in the works.  As a result there was a planned terror attack on US soil in Libya where the ambassador and 3 US Seal were killed.  The White House then tries to “spin” the story and blame it on a random film against Muslims.  The media is talking for days about how this film has caused chaos in the Middle East.  This whole situation proves the incompetence of our current administration.

2.       Other Foreign Policy – He publicly turns his nose up at Israel and goes on a late night talk show.  He makes it clear that Israel isn’t any more important to us than any other country.  I guess we are going to become socialist in our friendships too…no best friends, no enemies.  He doesn’t really believe in terror and believes that it only takes a good sit down to change hatred into love…and if that doesn’t work, let’s just give in to some demands…say we aren’t a Christian nation (yeah, maybe that will make them stop attacking us, since they hate Christians)…water down our values and our boundaries.  Dangerous, dangerous ground we are on in the one true job of our government, which is to protect us.

3.       Middle Class Hype – While the President and his wife are out yelling to the hilltops that the middle class is dwindling and touting their plan to rob from the “rich” to give to the poor, they are also staying in the most luxurious accommodations around the world, taking vacations, playing golf, etc.  It has been estimated that Michelle Obama just on her own has spent over 10 million dollars in the past 4 years on five star hotels, transport, massages, site seeing, and shopping.  You would think that if they are so worried about the hard-working middle class, they would show more respect for our tax dollars.  Seriously, does anyone really believe that someone cares about the hard-working middle class when they are living the “high” life to the fullest extent right in front of our eyes.  Are we that stupid?? 
4.       Executive Orders – The President has issued 96 executive orders in his 4 years in office.  This is far, far more than any other president.  His Justice Department has frequently gone around and run right over Congress to get its way.  He has the mindset of an idealistic dictator and will stop at almost nothing to carry out his goals for America.  If you would like to know what those are read his book or watch 2016… it is quite eye opening and even more terrifying that we ever could have elected this guy in the first place.  He claims that the gloves would come off in his next term.  Heaven forbid!

5.       Government Waste – I am SOOOO tired of my hard earned money being wasted!!  This administration has done nothing but make it worse.  The stimulus money did very little to stimulate the economy, but sure did hold up traffic in a lot of places to resurface roads that were just fine.  Michelle Obama’s new mandate on healthy school lunches has seen most children’s food thrown in the trash…next they will pass a bill mandating that health food be shoved down their throats.  Money is being thrown into government programs that never have a chance of working.  You cannot force people to make right choices and money will not change stupidity.   The waste of funds that we see every day is sickening (this goes for ALL administrations and Congress too!!) Oh, and the czars… Obama has 32 of them.  Never mind that the very word “czar” means “emperor or king”.  They all seem to have salaries of $100,000 to $200,000 a year… how very middle class of them.  There’s a great list of them on the internet.  Czars have NO business in American government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

6.       Economy– Blah, blah, blah, blah… yes, he inherited a crisis, 4 years ago.  When does that stop being an excuse?  Are we any better than when he took office?  People are still out of work everywhere.  People I know that have every ability in the world to work are riding out unemployment to its end…which now a days can be up to two years.  More companies are farming out jobs overseas.  His answer… raise taxes on the “rich”, of course.  This might sound quite noble at first.  Never mind that a good majority of these “rich” already pay most of the taxes that the government brings in each year.  Never mind that some of these “rich” are small business owners that have to claim their business earnings along with their personal earnings.  So us for example… David, as a small business owner, makes less than $75,000 a year, but his company might show to make $300,000 in any given year (all of this goes out to bills, overhead, etc. but the government doesn’t care**)… we have to pay in the “rich” tax bracket… and then drive past fast food restaurants that are now taking food stamps.  We work HARD for our money… and we don’t need to be forced to give it to the government so they can waste it.  We give to multiple charities of our choice already.  Places that are accountable and actually making a difference.  America is a country to which you can come with nothing and the possibilities be endless.  We are completely ruining human motivation, ingenuity, and creativity with this leveling the playing field crap.  We are quickly losing our greatest resource…FREEDOM.

7.       Social Issues – Obama claims to want less abortion, but he recently defunded Catholic organizations for their pro-life stance… these same Catholic organizations were making headway in the sex trafficking problem in the US, something else Obama says he cares about… Yet, tax payer money is being poured into Planned Parenthood, a corrupt and angry organization, and the gloves are coming off.  The new healthcare bill funds abortions with tax payer money and I don’t think they are going to listen to, “I’m sorry, IRS, but it is against my religion to support murder with my money.”  Do you have a pro-choice mindset?  I dare you to watch October Baby and not have something pull at your heart.  People around me are an inconvenience to me every day, but it is against the law and my conscience to kill them… why is this different for our most vulnerable citizens?  Life is the core of any great nation’s belief system.  Roe vs. Wade is wrong.  It has killed millions and millions of future artists, musicians, doctors, teachers, leaders… it may have even killed a better presidential candidate then the ones we are looking at today.  Who knows what greatness was in the lives that have been ended for the sake of saving someone the trouble… but Obama is quoted “I would never punish my daughters with a baby.”  Is this how a great leader talks of his flesh and blood grandchildren?

8.       War – What it is good for? Absolutely nothing.  Sounds ideal to do away with war, with the need for defense, with weapons that threaten other countries, but bottom line…evil exists.  You can sell your soul to it, but you can’t talk it into peace.  The people out there that hate America, the only reason they need is that it is a great country and they want to bring it down to their level.  They are getting plenty of help from our president.  One of the first things he tried to do as president was do away with Guantanamo Bay prison and give terrorists the same rights as American citizens.  Then he did away with the program that keeps up with our defense weapons that would protect us from any nuclear strike.  He said these were too aggressive and we needed to be the example for peace.  I don’t know about you, but when a criminal is pointing a gun at you, you don’t throw yours down hoping that he will do the same.  Everybody hates war.  But war is a fact of life.  Freedom is something we will fight for until America’s dying day (which may not be too far away).  If they can’t have it, they want no one to have it.  War is ugly but necessary.  Some things are worth fighting for.

9.       Obamacare– he was smart to have this not truly go into effect until after the election.  This plan is not only going to put us deeper in debt as a nation, but it is going to destroy our healthcare system.  This was only a sneaky way to universal healthcare and it was shoved through with the most obvious and blatant show of vote buying that we have ever witnessed.  What happens when every insurance company in America has to honor “no preexisting conditions”?  Prices of healthcare will skyrocket.  People who are mandated to have healthcare will not be able to afford private insurance and will be forced to go with the government plan…how convenient.  Soon private healthcare will be bankrupt and I seriously doubt the government will bail them out.  Once private healthcare is out of the way, we are stuck with what we get.  Doctors and nurses are already flocking to career plan B.  Can you imagine when our doctor’s offices and hospitals are government ran and controlled?  Let me give you a mental picture… the tag office, the health department, the post office, DFaCS, etc.  It will be a “hit or miss” type of risk you will be taking with your health.  But as one woman from Canada said who had just spent 2 weeks in the hospital having a baby “You’ll love it!  It’s free!”  


10.   Immigration– I am all for being a “Melting Pot”, but our borders are quickly melting.  The federal government has even blocked states from protecting their own borders.  Yes, protecting our borders is one of the most important government jobs, so why aren’t they doing it?  Why are illegal aliens flooding our country and not fearing any consequences while people stand in line to become citizens the right and legal way.  In our new world of terrorist threats and attacks, why are we more worried about offending someone by asking for their driver’s license than we are about keeping our country safe and respected.  No one respects our rules any more.  Try to sneak into any other country in the world illegally and see what happens.  It seems like we are taking away freedom from the honest people and giving it to the dishonest. 

Being a law abiding, hard-working citizen is no longer rewarded.  David and I were recently trying to refinance our house to secure a lower interest rate.  We were told that the only way we could get this lower interest rate was to produce $50,000 which is the difference in what we owe on our house and what it now appraises for or be behind a few payments on our mortgage.  Oh, that encourages people to be honest.  We chose to stay with our over blown payment, but we know many people would have stopped paying their mortgage payment for a few months.  You might as well avoid getting promoted at your job or hiring more employees and growing your small business, because you are just going to be paying any extra money you make to the government and guess what, they get to use it any way that they see fit… parties, incidentals, luxury “business” trips, unnecessary employees, worthless government programs… anything that they want.  And they are accountable to no one, but us… on Election Day… This one day, the government sits in front of its people for its “review”.  Just this once, I agree with Mr. Trump… President Obama, you’re fired.

**Correction: David corrected me on my writing about his business tax world. Small business owners pay a personal tax rate on their personal income + all company “profit” in the form of K-1’s. These “profits” are figured AFTER bills, overhead, etc., not before. For example, if all of David’s S Corporations make $150K profit this year, he has to pay taxes on roughly $225K, putting him dangerously close to the “evil rich” that Obama/Biden refer to… This is not reality because he does not get that extra profit personally. It must be used for cash flow, investment, etc. etc.