New Year!!  Yay, we made it through 2012.  What an absolutely whirlwind last year was!  As the wife of a small business owner, I had always been under the impression that life could not really get much more unpredictable…fast forward to 2012…ummm, yeah, I was totally deluded.  In less than a year, I have become an adoptive mom, a teacher (of 2 grades, no less), a spica cast expert, an Albanian, and as a result of the all former, a prayer WARRIOR.  Tonight as I enveloped myself in the music of Sherwood Baptist Church, I was reminded of how very different my life is than it was last year at this time.

Kate changed everything, but much to our surprise, she wasn’t the only change that God had in store for us.  We started the magnificent journey, more commonly known as, homeschool and I could have never guessed how much of me it would require.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not learn something new or am not forced to think about the best way to help my children learn.  It has been good for us in so many ways, but has required a level of determination and sacrifice in me, that I didn’t know was possible.  PRAYER WARRIOR… I am telling you.  I don’t get out of bed anymore without reminding Jesus just how desperate I am for Him.  I am not a teacher, but He is strong where I am weak…and so since it is His call on my life right now, it works and it is good.  Jordan has blossomed out of his introverted shell and Nathan’s penmanship…well, yeah, I’m not a miracle worker.

Just when I was breathing a sigh of relief that things might get back to normal, Kate fell.  The femur that had never been casted in China turned out to be our nemesis for several months.  After the 3rd fall and second break, the doctor decided it was time for a rod.  The weeks in these casts were painful and slow and back breaking in their hard work, but He is strong where I am weak…and so since it was His call on my life during those months, it worked and it was good.  Kate’s leg has pretty much fully recovered and the girl is running…yes, running (most of the time with as few clothes on as possible) around our house.

Whew! “Lord, surely that was enough for one year.”  I am now a firm believer that when we finally surrender all to Jesus, He has a lot of catching up to do to get us where we should have been.  On a random visit to Albany, Georgia, we were caught off guard by an amazing church and our intense draw to it.  I remember sitting in my pew and balling as I looked at a youth group with its hands raised in worship to the Lord…and I told Jesus “I want that for my boys”.  As the weeks passed it became more and more apparent that the Lord wanted it too.  We took some really big steps of faith and here we are living in Albany.  I’m not gonna lie… this move has been hard.  Really hard.  We have totally new surroundings, very few familiar faces, and many apologies by native Albanians when we tell them we have moved from Atlanta.  My emotions are a rollercoaster.  They soar at times (mostly when I am anywhere near Sherwood) and they drop just as quickly (mostly because I am homesick for the familiar).  But He is strong where I am weak…and so since it is His call on our lives right now, it is working and it is good.  I am making many, many homeschool contacts… I joined the most amazing choir EVER tonight…and I am meeting sweet people that I could have never dreamed existed on this planet.

So tonight I lay here in bed typing away at my computer, being fully aware that tomorrow God may have another huge change in store for us.  We got some news this week that reaks of change and will need His strength.  And though, I feel like laying my head in my hands and giving up, I know that I know that I know that we have been obedient…that we are in the right place…that we are doing the right things.  For the first time in my life, I am sure that we are in the absolute perfect Will of God.  I don’t know what He will do tomorrow, but you know what… I don’t care.  Whatever it is, I know that eventually it will work and it will be good.  I trust Him more than I have ever trusted Him.  I don’t know what will happen, how we will thrive through it, or what it looks like on the other side, but I don’t need to.  I have HIM.  I am HIS.  I have an anchor firm and sure…finally I have learned not to build on sand…my foundation is taking shape on the ROCK.

You may not know what tomorrow will bring.  You may be facing some really tough stuff.  You may have had the worst year of your life in 2012.  But let me tell you, sweet friend… as long as you have Him, He is strong where you are weak…if this is His call on your life, it will work and it will be good. Hang on…only He knows how to make all things new.