So this will be short and sweet… I know you don’t believe me, so go ahead and scroll down, come on. right now…scroll down and see how short it is.  I can be a woman of a few words when I need to be. 

First, I encourage you to check out my previous blog entitled “The Accuser Whispers” if you haven’t had a chance to read it.  Insecurity is a rampant problem and I think it might encourage you if you are anything like me.

Second, I have created a new page on Facebook called “Bring Them Home/Give $5”.  The purpose behind this page is to raise up an army of people committed to adoption who will give $5 to families trying to bring home their children through adoption.  We will post blog links, donation links, etc intermittently and you will have the opportunity to help these families financially.  You may not be able to adopt, but maybe you can skip McDonalds this week and contribute.  The goal is to get this page out there in the social media world and get thousands of “likes”.  Then our $5 multiplies and multiplies until maybe one day we are actually contributing enough funds for an entire adoption.  What’s in it for you?  Nothing… it’s all for the glory of God! 🙂  Please join our team by liking this page and then by not just ignoring posts from it, but giving this small amount to as many families as you are able.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will bless you over and abundantly for helping to take care of His babies.  Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share this page with friends, in adoption groups, etc.  Without the numbers, it will probably just become one of those fizzled out archived pages.  We need you!  Children around the world need you!  And called families need you!!!

You can find the page on my wall.  I will be reposting in at least once a day until it hopefully takes on a mind of its own…please pray that God will bless it.  I feel that He put this idea on my heart.

See!  You probably didn’t even have to scroll!!