Every now and then, a subject comes to the forefront of the media that endangers the freedom of Christians in this nation.  It is usually something that, at first glance, seems innocent enough and even like none of our business.  Nonetheless, often these harping points of the media must be addressed by the Christian community even at the risk of the labels, name calling, and misunderstandings.

Gay marriage is one such subject.  As the battle has continued over the past several years, the world has chosen to ignore the fact that many of us do not consider this a “main stream” concept and are in fact, against it for many great reasons.  Last week Chickfila owner, Dan Cathey, simply answered a question truthfully…with an answer that quite frankly had to already be obvious…and suddenly he has put himself and his business right in the middle of the firing line.  Why???  He never said that he hated gay people or that they were not allowed at his restaurants or that even that they were not welcome to apply for a job.  The media took his support of the family and twisted it into hate mongering claiming that Chickfila is a restaurant right out of Westboro Baptist Church.  By the time the loud people with the agenda were finished, anyone with no point of reference would imagine Chickfila with “God hates Gays” signs in their windows.  Since when does it mean that you hate someone when you disagree with their actions?  But this is what the media does, oh so well.  They determine the culture.  Did you notice that there was not much question in the media throughout this debacle about whether gay marriage should be allowed?  Only accusations that anyone against it hates gays and is narrow minded and a bigot.  They acted shocked, appalled, and surprised at this “revelation” of Mr. Cathey.  This is what they do…they try to end the war and advance their agenda through bullying tactics like we see in this instance.  They act like only a super small, super right winged, super stupid, super backwoods group of people are against it.  And the sad fact is… we buy it.  We start thinking “Maybe I am being judgmental.” or “Maybe I should mind my own business.” or “Well, it wouldn’t affect me if gay marriage was allowed, so who cares.” or “It’s inevitable, so we might as well just sit down and shut up.”

If you know me, you know that I have my Biblical reasons for being against gay marriage, but I wanted to point out a few reasons that have little to do with the Bible for why I think it is ridiculous that we are even in such a serious discussion about this.  It would be very easy for me to crawl back in my shell and mind my own business on this, but how bad of a person would I be if I did that believing that future generations are at stake.  Before I state these reasons, I would like to say very clearly that I don’t hate homosexuals.  I don’t walk around asking people about their bedroom life, but if someone is openly homosexual I do not shun them or act strange around them.  I love them just as I would any other person that I meet.  I believe God loves them just as much as He loves me… and I do not take lightly that He created us all.  I do, however, believe that just as much as lying, murdering, cheating, and stealing are sins, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication are too.  The Bible teaches that sexual sins can be cleansed and overcome by the blood of Jesus, just as every other sin can.  I do not think that homosexuality will go away, just as I don’t think that society will ever stop lying or cheating…and I don’t expect unsaved people to stop sinning before they meet Jesus.  BUT Jesus always said to the people who encountered Him with sin in their life to “Go, and sin no more.”  Not “Go, I accept you and your sin.”

…AND this gay marriage issue is a slippery slope for our society for several reasons.

First, I think it is dangerous for any people group to be defined by their sexual preferences.  This has made “sex” almost a household term and we just have to deal with it.  Sex is a private act that needs to be kept in the bedroom for many reasons…most of them pertaining to our innocent and impressionable children.  Now the gay agenda is pushing for this stuff to be taught in schools to children as young as Kindergarten…KINDERGARTEN!!!  Like our 5 year olds!! If gay marriage is allowed, you can be sure that this agenda will be advance under an umbrella of teaching tolerance. Yes, for the time being, I can protect my children from this by homeschooling or sending them to private school, but alot of people can not…and one day, my children are going to come into contact with children that have been taught things that they shouldn’t have to think about until they are adults.  We are destroying our children’s innocence by saying that this is a necessary lesson for them for tolerance sake.  Learning the “ABC’s” is necessary…learning numbers is necessary…learning how sex between 2 men and between 2 women works is completely unnecessary..  Learning about sex in general should be up to the parent to teach when they feel their child is mature enough for the discussion.  We have already had that right taken from us, now we are having to define people by what they do in bed and explain that to our children.

Second, where does this stop?  We now have people comparing homosexuality to race, even though it has not ever been proven that you are born homosexual.  We have gender issues and confusion…parents switching genders so that the “dad” carries the baby.  Parents switching their children’s genders.  Schools instructing their teachers to refrain from calling students boys and girls, but to instead call them things like “Purple Penguins”.  We have effectively lost our minds…and the mainstream Church is soon to be right down in the pit with the rest of the world.  Where does this stop and where does it lead?  So what about the man that feels that he was born to be attracted to children?  What about the weirdos out there sleeping with animals?  Are they going to be able to marry them someday?  The polygamists are already petitioning for their “rights”.  In the next generation or two will it be acceptable to have 6 wives?  what about 3 husbands?  What does all this mean for our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren?  We are sliding right into a muddy pit and we didn’t even see it coming.  Many of you reading may be scoffing at this point thinking that it could never happen, that we are smarter than that, that we know better.  Are you sure??  Cause it seems to me that it only takes a few really LOUD voices with a little help from the media and hollywood and a few screwed up “studies” to make these things an issue.

Third, if you are alive on this earth, you are not the product of a homosexual relationship.  This is by design and is the biggest obvious clue that this is not a natural relationship. If we all “chose” to be homosexual, the human race would cease to exist in one generation.  One of the calls of the marriage relationship is to replenish the earth.

Last thing I want to point out, as much as the people with the agenda would like to hide it, it has been proven in several studies that the traditional family, when done the right way, is the best environment to raise children.  Gay marriage not only attacks this environment, it kills it before it gets started.  Children need a Mom who is a real woman and a Dad who is a real man.  I know in this broken world that this is becoming fewer and farther between, but that is only reason to fight harder for it, not to give up on it all together.  A nation is only as strong as its families.  Ours is quickly disintegrating.

Bottom line is though gay marriage is now becoming legal, that doesn’t make it right and that doesn’t make the act of homosexuality any more acceptable in God’s eyes. It also puts our entire society in danger of many other “curses” that come along with the acceptance of sin.  We took prayer out of schools and now we have guns and bullying issues.  We kill our unborn and now our young people are killing each other and themselves (why not? life doesn’t matter all that much anyway).  We made living together acceptable and now the divorce rate is out of control.  We eat up whatever sex and violence Hollywood offers us on TV and now pornography addiction is a no bigger eye raiser to us than coffee addiction.  Our world is not getting better the further we move from God’s Truth.

I’m sure this post could be easily called a “hate crime” in a few years and get me sent to prison, but I can’t quit speaking out about the mistakes we are trying to hard to make. The children we are raising now are the next generation of thinkers, deciders, and leaders.  What are we leaving behind for them?

*Note and Update on this Post.  Last month, a group called “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” was formed.  This issue is becoming a VERY DECEPTIVE one in the Church.  I encourage you to read Revelations 2 to find out how God feels about this.  Be brave. Stand strong.  LOVE your neighbor as yourself, but LOVE the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and strength FIRST.  They will call you “anti-gay” even though nothing about you wishes anything for gays except eternal life.  Our society right now is trying to make rebellion against God’s natural order of things acceptable and approved even in the Church.  Hate me if you want, but giving in to this is not an option for me.  I will stand as strongly against “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” as I would “Evangelicals for Word Equality”.  There is Truth and there is lying…God hates lying.  Deception is destructive.  Stay in the Light.