You know that feeling that you get when you reach the highest hill at the top of a rollercoaster.  That “Oh my word, what am I doing on this thing?  who thought this was a good idea?  I’m gonna die.” feeling.  Yeah, well, I get that feeling right before we travel to complete adoptions.  We have been planning, anticipating, dreaming, wondering… slowly up the hill and now we have crested at the top and it sure looks like a long way down.

The enemy HATES adoption.  It looks way too much like Christ for him.  It reminds him of a power MUCH bigger than he is.  A power that humbly changes the world through love, forgiveness, grace, and second chances.  The devil loves orphans…he thinks he has stolen their hope and their future.  He thinks that the chances are great that they will forever belong to him and no one else.  He loves to watch their despair and their longing for love and a family.  He laughs as they sit year after year, unhelped and alone, with broken hearts and dead emotions.  He likes nothing more than to keep them that way.  So when Jesus steps in to send families to adopt these children, the enemy rages.  He fights for these children.  He fights to keep them drowning in darkness.  He fights to make sure they will always be abandoned.  He uses every weapon in his arsenal and he doesn’t play by any set of rules.

I’m so thankful that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.  When we walk into the calling of adoption, I am so glad that we have the FULL armor of God with which to stand against the wiles of the devil.  I’m so thankful that the shield of faith NEVER fails and that the God who calls is FAITHFUL.  When you step into obedience to Christ victory is already yours, but that doesn’t mean their won’t be a fight.

David and I have fought for these girls that we are bringing into our family. There have been moments where we were tempted to look back, but we have decided to follow Jesus…NO TURNING BACK.  And we believe that there is much reward in this.  We have seen the reward of Kate, and now we are on the verge of seeing the reward of Jessica and Naomi.  Still I feel as if we are at the top of that hill, just cresting it, looking down the point of no return.  Pray that our faith will be strong and that every trick of the enemy will be easily recognized and combatted.

People have asked us why we would put ourselves through this, why we would keep on adopting…or have thanked us for doing what we are doing for our children. 

One day, long ago, a Man that I have never physically met was arrested and sentenced to death for things that I have done. 

He did it because that was the only way that He could adopt me.

In the death and resurrection of Christ, I see my transfer from orphan to dearly loved child of God…who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light while I was yet a sinner, separated from Him and unable to make myself worthy of His love.  He still reaches down His Hand to those who are lost in darkness and beckons “Come, my child.  You are mine and I am yours.”

Dear friends, I look forward to the day not so long from now when I will feel my daughters safely in my arms and be able to say “You are mine and I am yours.”  I don’t think there is a greater privilege on the face of this earth.  Please pray as we brace ourselves for the biggest hill.

P.S. For those of you wondering, we meet Jessica on October 28th and Naomi on November 4th.  We leave for China Wednesday.  Long trip.  4 different China provinces and in the end 7 of us coming home.  My God is SO big…