Enough.  I mean…enough already. 

Just in the last week or so, the following stories were in the news…

  • Several government employees were caught spending countless hours on porn sites at their work computers and instead of being immediately fired are still working as the bureaucrats investigate.
  • A man was arrested at a school board meeting for attempting to read a sexually explicit passage from a required reading book that his 14 year old daughter brought home.  It was something that could not be read on television.
  • HGTV dropped a show from its fall line up because the men who would be fixing up homes are Christians and openly disagree with the homosexual lifestyle.  They were labeled “Anti Gay Activists”.
  • A woman filmed herself having an abortion as she laughs and giggles about how “cool” it is that she can “make” life…and evidently kill it too. The video was heavily lauded by pro choice activists.
  • A girl put her virginity up for auction on the internet and before it was finally taken down she was offered more than $800,000.
  • A college professor was video taped berating a street preacher with profanity and then leading his students to chant “Praise Darwin”. 
  • President Obama directed the Dept of Education to begin crafting new rules for teacher preparation in our country so that teachers walk into the classroom “ready to teach” (in other words, so teachers walk into the classroom ready to teach ONLY what the government wants them to teach).  The first of these rules is to be in the “sex education” department with these new standards that will now be taught to public school teachers in preparation for the classroom… 1.) Professional Disposition (comfort with their own sexuality)  2.) Diversity and Equity (that they have no bias in the sexual arena…NO BIAS)  3.) Content Knowledge (that they know the answer to every possible sex question that may be asked by students in a classroom)  4.) Legal and Professional Ethics (another way of saying they teach the way the government dictates)  5.) Planning (that they plan “age- and developmentally appropriate sexuality education that is aligned with standards, policies and laws and reflects the diversity of the community.”  6.) Implementation (that teachers use a variety of methods to teach sex)  7.) Assessment (“Teacher candidates implement effective strategies to assess student knowledge, attitudes and skills in order to improve sexuality education instruction”)  You can read the whole strategy here (http://www.futureofsexed.org/documents/teacher-standards.pdf)

The stage is being set.  Watch closely.  It isn’t hard to break down the enemy’s plan for our next generation.  Soon sex will be intricately entwined into all parts of our children’s lives and it will be against the law for us to speak out against it.  The innocence and purity that we are desperately trying to protect will be ravaged from our children as we are forced to watch.  The sad part is by the time this plan has been revealed to the majority, we may be sold on it.  We may accept it as what needs to happen in the name of education…after all, more education is never a bad thing, right? 

We have bought into 3 lies in sex education…

  • the more our children are educated about the act…or “acts” because there are many ways to participate these days…of sex, the less curious they are about it
  • all children are going to attempt or think about having sex (kids will be kids), so they need to know how to protect themselves from diseases and pregnancy
  • the government is full of professionals who know better than parents do about how and when to educate children about sex

Never has there been a more opportune time for the enemy to come in like a flood, and parents, I gotta be real with you…in this day and age, you are going to have to join the battle.  There is no longer time to sit on the sidelines.  The strategy going on here is too deceptive for us to think that it will never affect us or our kids.  The enemy is after the next generation…he has set his sites on them.  It’s almost as if he has been quietly working behind the scenes and moving pieces into place, quite like the terrorist did before they attacked on 9/11.  He is out to crush purity like a tin can.

And I gotta be honest, we are making it easy for him.  Our tin cans are empty.  We have let go of hope that the goal can ever be reached.  We have resigned ourselves to the fact that billboards will always be sexy, commercials will always flaunt bodies, porn will always be a man’s prerogative…his “go to”, virginity will always be “out” and laughable while unrestrained sex is “in” and normal.  We have bought the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.  And because we have, our thinking has changed to “the world is gonna do what the world is gonna do.  I’m gonna just shut up and protect my own.” or “I guess this is all just normal behavior.  Let em sow some wild oats…it’s what healthy kids do.”  

Here’s the problem and the danger…usually the first thing that hooks our children is pornography.  Whether it is dubbed “education” or pictures that they come across on the internet, naked people will cause a change in our children’s brain chemistry.


Pornography is addictive, whether it is sold under the guise of “education” or if it is actually “hardcore”…our children’s brains do not know the difference.  Every time a sexual image goes into your child’s head, whether it is an image created by them from “sexting” or an image they see on the internet, it is there to stay.  I have had a few unfortunate encounters with porn and I can remember EVERY SINGLE ONE…down to the very first porn picture that I ever saw more than 20 years ago.

Not only is pornography addictive, but it is progressive.  When a pornography addiction is not held in check, it will no doubt lead to other things.


We are not talking about something that you can be passive about.  We are not talking about something that you can be unbiased about.  If you do not fight for the next generation, they will be consumed by this!!  CONSUMED.

So let’s talk about a porn-less world…about a world that has been called back to purity…about a world not concerned with sex appeal.  A reigning in of our sex lives would include a dramatic drop in…

  • sex trafficking
  • teen suicide (many teens commit suicide over broken relationships or bullying about looks)
  • bullying (girls especially are prone to bully over sex-related jealousies)
  • divorce
  • adultery
  • pregnancy outside of wedlock
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • prostitution
  • rape
  • pedophilia
  • molestation
  • sexual dysfunction

Putting sex back into its proper context smack dab in the middle of marriage would solve many, many of the issues and pitfalls that our kids deal with today.  Not only that but it would revolutionize our view of woman and the pressure society puts on us to be “sexy” instead of following God’s call to be “sacred” or “set apart”.  Why aren’t we willing to put up a united front on this?  Why aren’t we willing to stand up and say “ENOUGH!”?  Again, will you let me be honest?  It may mean giving up some things…

  • Much television/movies/media (we can’t say we are in this fight and then be entertained by the very thing we are fighting against)
  • Much literature  (we can’t say we are in this fight and then not take the time to preview any and every secular book, magazine, etc that our child wants to read or look at)
  • Many items of clothing (we can’t say we are in this fight and then dress or allow our children to dress in a way that brings the wrong kind of attention from the opposite sex)
  • Passivity (we can’t say we are in this fight and then sit by and watch as the enemy steals the next generation out from under our noses with his deceptive plans)
  • Favorable Opinions (we can’t say we are in this fight and then work to avoid the labels that come with purity…if we are uptight, it is for the most important cause there is)
  • Struggle  (we can’t say we are in this fight and then refuse to take a few hits from our kids because we have purity standards)

Will you really, really think and pray about this?  Will you get serious with us as we go to war with the enemy?  Will you be more than just a body in the pew at church?

This week I made a decision.  I’m in.  I’m in this fight against sin to the end.  I’m on the Lord’s side in the battle to combat the enemy as he comes after the last bit of purity that we have left in this world.  I will be labeled harsh, judgmental, naïve, uneducated, primitive, behind the times…whatever, bring on the labels.  Honey, if this is the modern family, I want no part of it.  If this is progressive education, count me out.  And if giving up purity gives you status in this world, just call me nothing.  We want the next generation…and we’ve got back up.

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