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We are at war.  We always have been.  This war has just taken a while to get to our home turf.  For some of us, the war still isn’t hitting home.  We are like a family watching others send their daughters and sons off to war while ours are safe and sound.  We are the ones still sitting back and wondering which side we should be fighting on…or if we should fight at all, because after all, Jesus DID tell Peter to put down his sword.

The culture war is a point of contention and controversy for Christians.  There is a camp who would insist that Christians are not loving others if they choose to fight in it… that we are getting distracted from the real hope of the world…that our time and energy would be put to better use on a social justice campaign.  Why fight culture anyway?  It is what it is and it will be what it will be.

Unfortunately I think that the very same Christians that openly make such arguments do so because they have the freedom to.  They do not fear persecution for holding their own opinion and beliefs.  They are able to speak up and to speak out… to blog and to preach and to advocate and to use their money for whatever cause they deem best.  They benefit from another’s fight. Because godly men fought and died for these rights… godly men took seats in government to protect them…godly men wrote documents to outline them.  To say that Christians are not called to politics, to government, to the media, or to the public sphere in any fashion is to say that darkness should fully overtake our culture.  We are the light of the world.  Any place where Christians are not called to be is a very dark place indeed.

So whether or not, we choose to enlist in the army of Christians fighting in the culture war (and by fighting, I basically just mean standing up for the truth of God’s Word), we should be supporting and praying for our warriors.  Their bravery in taking on the brunt of our country’s persecution and mockery and misrepresentation is why others are able to fully fulfill the calling of the Lord on their lives.

We are one generation away from seeing some full on, heavy duty persecution of the Church…and maybe we don’t even have that long.  Isn’t it time that we were awake and alert to what the enemy has in store for our children and grandchildren?  The night is far spent…the day is at hand… the time is NOW.

To begin, we need to know our enemy’s tactics.  We need to be fully aware and we need to recognize when we are faced with an onslaught of bullets.  We need to know so that we can avoid deception and so that we can help and encourage our comrades to do the same.  So here are 5 tactics being pulled right now that you can begin to decipher.  The following words in any news story, social media post, or conversation should cause your ears to perk up and make you more conscious of what is actually being suggested, delivered, or planned.


Basically a “right” is something that you are entitled to…something that is coming to you just for existing. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  After that, He created man take care of the garden and woman to be everything that man was missing. There are only a few things that He gave man in the beginning…the first being the obvious, right to life.  We have come a long way from that in our country with our thousands of abortions every day.  The second He gave was the right to a God-given purpose, in Adam and Eve’s case that was to tend the garden.  The third was a right to choose whether they would obey Him or not.  Biblically, our entitlements are few and most, if not all, of them are towards the end of the greater purpose of His Glory.  When our Founding Fathers won the battle for America, they established a few rights of the citizens of this country.  Things like freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, the right to turn away illegal searches and seizures, the right to a speedy and fair trial with witnesses present… there were exactly 10 of them in the Bill of Rights.  To this, our government is beginning to add their own set of rights of citizens.  You will hear “good” healthcare talked about as a right of every human being.  The other day, Michelle Obama was shown holding up a #bringbackourgirls sign and making comments on how education is a right of every human being.  During the unemployment speeches, we are told that every citizen should have a right to a good job.  Every time we turn around, they are making up more rights.  Who gets to define rights?  Who’s job is it to sit down and say, these are the basic entitlements that every human was born with?  Evidently, right now, it is the US government.  Anytime you hear the word “right”…you betta wake up and pay attention.


What is education really?  Well, the internet defines it as the process of giving or receiving systematic instruction.  There is much talk now a days of education and how important it is and how we should be fully supportive of it.  We all encourage our children to get a good education and we get excited when they are accepted to college.  And don’t get me wrong, education is a necessary thing…that takes place from the womb.  We are constantly being educated.  Every day, we are learning things.  So doesn’t it matter, just a little bit… a smidgen, what the object of our education is?  It seems to me that Americans are not getting smarter.  We may be more well versed in sex positions than we ever have been, but we are not becoming a more intelligent people.  Our government will harp on education.  They will say that they are on our side…that they want to raise the next generation of leaders…but it is much more likely that their real purpose is training the next generation to fall in line with their agenda.  Obama recently instituted national teacher training… to make sure every teacher is prepared to enter the classroom and teach what?  Teach in what way?  Teach truth?  Even mention truth?  Every day we hear stories that are more and more outrageous and scandalous.  A couple in the past week: a 4 year old girl’s dad gets arrested because she drew a picture of him defending his house with a gun from burglers and monsters.  They also brought in the mother along with her toddler for questioning.  A boy who brought his Bible to class to read during free time was told by a teacher that he could not have “that book” in her classroom.  A school board meeting was interrupted by a father angry that his 14 year old daughter was assigned a book containing sexually explicit material as required reading.  Not to mention all the posts on the Common Core and how it is destroying methods of learning that were never broken in the first place.  Because in a relative world, 1+1 can equal anything that you want it to and we need to add some culturally relevant stuff into our word problems…like marijuana and adultery.  If this were not enough, this administration has also instituted 7 standards for teaching sex education.  I wrote about those in my last post.  Don’t let them guilt you into thinking that their every idea of education is something positive for your children.  Be aware.


Jesus, please help me to stay Christlike here.  The standards of tolerance in this culture war are, by far, the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen.  Tolerance is a word directed point blank at Christians and basically it’s goal is to get us to accept sin…to sit down and shut up and tolerate the enemy as he destroys every good thing about our nation, it’s foundation, it’s families, and more than anything it’s faith.  Please tell me how it shows tolerance for critics to absolutely destroy a family oriented movie like “Mom’s Night Out” for it’s lack of cursing and then give 3 thumbs up to absolute garbage like “Neighbors”?  One film is about a stressed out stay at home mom who finally gets a night out with her working mom best friend and her pastor’s wife (finally one who is not portrayed as perfect or as a nut job) only to be led on an absolutely hilarious search for a missing baby.  The other is about a hardcore partying fraternity who moves in next door to a young immature couple with a new baby… I can only guess why it is rated “R”.   Please tell me how it shows tolerance for a man to announce to the whole world that he is gay as he enters the NFL and be hailed a hero and congratulated by the President for his abilities in the bedroom, but yet a player that comes out of the closet with his faith in Jesus held high is scoffed at, marginalized by the media, and considered a scourge by most football teams.  In addition, a fellow player tweets during a sensationalized same sex kiss that it is “Horrible” and he is fined and required to get some gay “education”.  My goodness, a fellow player did a whole interview about what he thought about Tebow’s obvious faith (none of what he had to say was good) and all he got was attention.  Please tell me how it shows tolerance to cancel an upcoming home improvement show because the Christian brothers have a Biblical opinion of homosexuality which they spoke truthfully in a forum completely disconnected from HGTV.  Let me tell you something…you can tolerate sin as a Christian for however long that you want to, but do not expect sin to tolerate your faith in return.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.  I am SO TIRED of Christians avoiding truth in the name of love.  It is not love to withhold from someone a truth that could kill them.


The world is allowed to be as intolerant as it wants, but don’t you dare tell them that they are sinning or point out sin at all in any sphere.  This makes you a judgmental bigot.  Never mind that it is actually truly possible to love someone and not agree with or speak out against the choices they make (I do it every day while raising my kids).  Never mind that if someone is headed straight for destruction, it is not loving them to support them in it.  Never mind that none of us ever makes a point of asking any person we come into contact with if they sleep with men or women.  Never mind that the other day my husband stopped to help a man in need of car repairs and not one time did he ask him if he was heterosexual before he paid for the repairs.  Never mind that most of us Christians know or are related to homosexuals and love them just as we love all our other relatives.  Of course, we want to see them come to the saving knowledge of Christ…because we LOVE them.  I will be the first to admit that there are religious bigots out there, but they are not Jesus followers.  We don’t hate homosexuals.  We don’t hate liars.  We don’t hate adulterers.  We don’t even hate satan worshippers.  We simply are deliverers of God’s message…the ambassadors for heaven…He loves them and wants them to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ who is the only One who can reconcile them to God.  People feels judged by this message because they are.  This message judges the sin within them and it either brings humility or it brings anger…which leads to hate…which leads to labeling…which leads to a world that believes Christians are bigots.  Let’s not forget that this is a similar path that Germany went down before the holocaust.


Yes, our faith is now being labeled as “dangerous” to society.  A movie is made that millions of women can relate to and it was labeled “dangerous”.  Why?  Because it portrayed a Christian worldview.  Because its main character was a stay at home mom who believed that her children were worth more than the status of career.  This is dangerous and archaic and all around a turn off to a world who has bitten on the lure of success, money, and status.  This is dangerous to a culture of feminists who can do anything men can do…never mind that men could never do everything woman can do, even if they wanted to.  The culture of “ME” does not accept the limits God has placed on gender roles.  So we are now dangerous, guys.  This label, I completely agree with.  We aren’t dangerous because we work as hard as we can to keep our families together or because we raise children to be productive members of society or because we go to church (even “they” go to church) or because we lead causes like adoption or because we give of our own money to charity. We are dangerous because we shine light. Darkness hates light.  Every human soul recognizes light.  Some are drawn to it, some run and hide from it, and some do everything in their power to squash it.  We are dangerous to darkness.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God. He was in the beginning with God.  All things came into being through Him and apart from Him nothing came into being that now exists. In Him was life and the life was the LIGHT of men. The LIGHT shines in the darkness.

And the darkness can never extinguish it.”

John 1:1-5