“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”  Jeremiah 1:5

I’ve never broken any bones.  I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how painful and traumatic it is to break a bone, but I can tell you from the scream of my sweet 5 year old daughter that it must be the most painful thing in the world.

Right before our year ended, Kate stepped off the kitchen step the wrong way and snapped her right femur in half.  There was no doubt about it by the blood curdling screams and the look of the leg that it was broken.  I was really quite in shock.

Kate has a genetic bone disorder that was discovered shortly after we came home from China with her.  Not only were her upper arms and upper legs obviously curved, but the xrays revealed that she, at some point, broke her left femur and it had not been casted. This and the bone disorder compromised that leg incredibly.  So much so that she hadn’t been home for long before she broke her left femur again.  We had it casted for 6 weeks, but 10 days after the cast came off, she broke it again.  It was very obvious that it was going to need some help so we had a rod put in that left leg to act as a strong bone.

Since that rod was put in her leg, her leg has been very strong.  As a matter of fact, it is the stronger and straighter leg, but she had never had a problem with her right leg, so the break came as quite a shock to us.

She had surgery on Monday to rod the right leg.  We weren’t taking any chances this time.  The rod was our plan A.  While placing the rod, the ortho also did some work to straighten the severe curve in her leg, so when this cast comes off likely Kate will not have to deal with any more compromised places in her leg. She will have strong, straight legs for the first time in her life.

Before you were even born, God mapped out the plan for your life.  That truth might make you angry.  You might think “What a cruel God to allow such blood curdling screams of pain!”  The hard truth is that the pain, is part of the plan.  Maybe you are not at a place where you can accept that kind of God…the One who allows pain into your life, but maybe, just maybe, your growth has been compromised by the disease of sin.  Maybe your legs are very weak and prone to breaks…maybe they are not strong enough to carry you into the work that God has for you.  And you are content with weak legs because they aren’t hurting…

But He is not.

He knows why He created you after all.  He knows where you need surgery, where you need to be strengthened, where you need to lean on Him in faith and trust… He knows you inside and out.  That pain, that hurt, that suffering…the stuff that makes you angry at life and at God…He doesn’t waste it.  In the midst of those things, He is trying to strengthen you, to shape you, to make you more whole than you ever imagined you could be.

Don’t fight Him.

Don’t refuse His surgery.

Don’t be angry at the only One who loves you enough to make you better.

The hard truth about this broken world is that the pain is a part of the plan.  The pain shines a spotlight on the Redemptive Creator.  The One who makes all things new.  The One who suffered extraordinary aloneness, unending persecution, and ultimately horribly traumatic death so that He could give us life.  But the kind of life only comes through a cross.

He is not satisfied to leave you as an orphan, but that isn’t where it ends.  He wants to heal every one of those broken places…but let’s be real…that doesn’t happen without trusting Him through the pain…sometimes a whole lot of pain.  Sin has disfigured us beyond recognition…He came to make us whole.

“We serve a dissatisfied Redeemer.  He will not abandon His work.  He will not stop what He has begun until every microbe of sin (disease) is delivered from every cell of every heart of every one of His children.  He’s a dissatisfied Redeemer.  His dissatisfation is, in fact, your hope