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I can’t help but think, on days like this when my mind is wandering to young people under attack all over the world, that nothing will ever change because WE don’t want to change.  We sit and we wait for someone to do something.  We watch as ISIS kidnaps daughters and uses them in ways that we don’t even treat our meat.  We cry for the families of people who have suffered great loss at the hands of haters and murders.  We “oooo and ahhh” over the orphans who sit waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to do something.  We shrug our shoulders as the world infiltrates our next generation with all kinds of sexual perversion.  We close our eyes and tell ourselves that people are responsible for their own choices…we’ll mind our own business.  We live comfortably…and don’t get me wrong, comfortable is not wrong in itself, but we cling to our comfort while we see our brothers and sisters in need around us…withholding compassion, withholding good, withholding hope.

Each of us has been created to be a different part of the Body of Christ…and I am afraid that the Body is beginning to look like it has seen heavy combat.  We are missing hands.  We are missing feet.  We are missing eyes and ears.  In some cases we are missing heads.  Where are those parts?  “Oh, there was a ball game on!  You know, the kind that’s really important that we can’t miss” while people are playing games with the lives of the children around us.  “Season finale… you know, that show that has us sucked in to it’s fake story lines” while people are actually dying outside.  “Oh, we are really, really busy trying to make money…saving up for a bigger house, you know…”while mothers and fathers around the world pile up mud and top it with tree branches and scrap plastic and call it a home. “Can’t help you…too politically incorrect and offensive…that’s not love you know…let’s just let them believe whatever lies they want and try not to rock the boat” while our kindergartners are taught sex ed and our sixth graders are offered invasive contraception.

I am not writing a message of condemnation.  I don’t believe that it is wrong to be a sports fan.  I don’t believe it is wrong to have a favorite show on television.  I don’t believe it is wrong to make money or buy a bigger house.  On the contrary, God has given us all things to enjoy and I believe He loves it when we enjoy what He provides (granted I think that you are doing better than I am to find a show on TV that He has provided…sheesh, there is a lot of trash on the tube).  I do, however, believe it is blatant sin to let ANYTHING on this earth keep us or distract us from doing what God has created us to do.

What if the Church started being the Church?  What if, instead of 20% of the people trying to do 80% of the work, we all said “YES!”?

Let me ask you this… you may think that you are a pretty good Christian.  You love Jesus.  You go to church.  You are nice.  You invite people over.  You attend when others invite.  You read your Bible.  You pray when appropriate.  You have all the boxes checked, the ribbons tied up, and the present in the mail.  God is so blessed to have you on His team.  As a matter of fact, when you consider your Christian walk, you can’t help but think that you are closer to God than 90% of the population…

But when is the last time you heard His voice?  Seriously.  When is the last time He placed something on your heart and asked you to walk in obedience…by faith instead of sight?  When is the last time that you lost sleep because you couldn’t get a burden off your heart that He had placed there?  When is the last time that vision welled up within your soul and you just KNEW that you KNEW that God was asking you to join Him in building His Kingdom?  When?

If you can’t think of a time, then you aren’t doing what you were created for…you are wasting precious time.

We NEED more laborers!!!  WE NEED MORE LABORERS!!!  If you aren’t laboring for the Lord, you are leaving your brothers and sisters to run themselves dry trying to do all the work.  The harvest is GREAT.  The laborers are few.  We need more laborers.  You have a job to do…whether it is to GO or to SEND or to SERVE or to MANAGE or to GIVE or to CARE or to PRAY or to PREACH or to SUPPORT or to REACH… there should be an action verb associated with every single one of us belonging to the Kingdom…every. day. You might feel like the most unimportant person on this earth, but WE NEED YOU.

Someone has to send missionaries and someone has to go to the mission field.   Someone has to go after our young people in the grip of the enemy and someone has to provide a place for them to grow when they come to Christ.  Someone has to care for the orphans and someone has to work to keep there from being more orphans.  Someone has to preach the Gospel and someone has to pray that the Gospel will be preached.  Someone has to go into the darkness and someone has to be ready to disciple the people they bring out.  But we ALL have something to do.

And this world, the Church, the people sitting in darkness…nothing gets better until we each decide to do what we were created to do…to shine our light…to BE the light.

You were not called to sit and wait and bemoan the world, longing for the day that Christ returns and makes it all go away.  You were not created to lock up your safe little family …”Yay! we all know Christ, let’s hide til the day of redemption”…until Jesus comes back.  You were created to BE the Church… to BE God’s ambassadors as though He Himself were pleading with the world to be reconciled to Himself…to BE the Hands and Feet of Jesus…to BE the light of the world, a city sitting on a hill that can’t be hidden.

You were created to DO SOMETHING!

Please, please, please…on behalf of this world, on behalf of Christ Himself, on behalf of His tired Bride…just DO it!