Dearest Young Heart,

There is so much to say that I don’t really know how to begin.  I was thinking of you while I drove my own children to school this morning.  I was thinking of how our world is changing right before our eyes and how soon you will be taught many things that may not help your life become any easier.  I was thinking about how just a simple change in curriculum can dictate a whole new culture.  I was thinking about the chaos that is now your world and the conflicting emotions that you probably feel on a daily basis.

Truly you are a generation caught on the middle of a battlefield.  The bullets are whizzing all around your heads and many have already fallen prey to the war going on around you. You are being pushed, pulled, used, and abused in the name of “progress”.  Truly you are suffering the worst from the enemy’s attempts to obliterate the family.

So this morning, I just want to help clarify a few things.  This is a confusing time of life for you.  It was meant to be that way.  You are created to struggle with your identity…to seek answers…to be passionate about causes.  You are created to speak up and to reach out and to want more from life.  You are created to be curious, to soak in knowledge, to be trainable.  You are created to belong, to desire love, and to seek out attention.  All of these things are certainly crucial to your future and you cannot get to where you are going without them.  But this is also why it is easy for you to be confused, to feel rejected, to wrestle with conflicting emotions and feelings inside, to sometimes not know how to act…how to live…how to be.  To often search out and listen to any and all voices that seem to accept you or that claim to love you.  It is so easy as you are growing up to get thrown off the track and into the fire.

This is why God created the family.  The family is a place to wrestle with this confusion, to be safe, to be guided, to learn the things that will transition you into the adult you were created to be.  The family is a place to belong no matter what, to be able to lean on, to come back to when the world out there gets tough, to depend on for answers.  Your parents were entrusted with the gift of you and they will have to give an account to God of how they have stewarded such a treasure.

So no wonder the enemy would want to destroy the family.  This is a way for him to get to you before you have a chance to learn how to fight.  This is a way for him to recruit you into his dark world before you know that it only leads to destruction.  This is a way for him to take you out execution style so that you never have an opportunity to foil his mission.  If he can destroy the family, he can have you.  He can devour the next generation.  And his blood thirst is unquenchable when it comes to that.

His first strategic move was to convince you that you are an accident…that you aren’t created…that you have no purpose here.  So he deceived people into believing the whole universe is one big cosmic accident.  He made sure that they believed it so desperately that they exalted it over all reason.  He made sure that every other idea was shut out of education.  So now you are taught that BOOM and there you were.

For his second strategic trick, he decided to go after your life before your first breath.  This would do three things…first, it would work to prove to you that you are without purpose and even expendable depending on who actually wanted you…second, it would cause you to devalue your life and the lives of others so much that you would either live in anger or despair…third, it would kill MILLIONS of you totally legally and without much second thought at all.  Abortion has become the leading killer of the next generation under the guise of “a woman’s right to choose”, but it has also said to you that you could have so easily and perfectly legally been thrown out with the trash.  It says to you “your life is unimportant”.  The enemy loves anything that steals your value and worth.

His next strategy involved making it against the law to even communicate with God.  He convinced and connived and deceived until the powers that be were determined to lock God out of schools entirely.  So now, even though you might be taught about the Muslim god, you surely will not hear about the God who created you.  You can’t pray to Him and you may certainly be in trouble if you are brave enough to tell your friends about Him. This enemy knows the power of prayer and the weakening that comes when it is banned.

Into this chaos, he dropped another bomb.  He started to use the glamour of Hollywood, television, and media to make it desirable to give away the precious gift of your body whenever you felt the time was right.  So sex became just another rite of passage for you…how early and at what point was totally up to you and totally acceptable.  He successfully hid all concerns about this…about the soul ties that it creates to another human being…about the shame that can overtake when all is said and done…about the other consequences that can alter the family and future relationships.

And now, even today, he continues to believe you aren’t confused enough.  He wants you to believe that not only you were an accident, but you are a mistake as well.  He wants you to wrestle with whether you are even a certain gender at all….whether those passing lusts of the flesh mean that you are meant for the same sex…or both sexes.  He wants you so confused and focused inwardly that you are without the means to begin a healthy future family.  That instead you pursue ways outside of God’s design to satisfy yourself and you are completely destroyed before you realize that these ways are broken and only lead to heartache.

He has deceived the whole country into believing that these things are true and right and good and that anyone who disagrees is a hater, a bigot, and an antiquated fool.  He has successfully created a society against the family.  We don’t need families…we have our rights…we have our individuality…we have our feelings and affections.  He has essentially broken the one thing that you do NEED.  He knows that all these things work together to raise children who have never experienced the love and safety and fulfillment of a family…of boundaries…of God’s design for life and freedom.

Cause you see, my child, the things that they are telling you will make you free…they actually chain you up.  They chain you to sin and to shame and to hate and to anger and to despair.  You get so confused with yourself and the world and in the lack of guidance of a family, you start to wish you were never born…wish you didn’t live now…wish that all the pain would just go away.  Or you get angry and bitter, so you bully others or you just hate until it rots your insides and there is nothing left.  Or you join the cause and you use the passion given to you by God for His purposes to war against those purposes and to deceive other young people into the same monster of a system that has overtaken you.

If I could speak one thing into you…if I could just cut through all the voices and all the crowds and all the crossfire…if we could pause the battle for a second and I could speak and my voice would be heard by all. If I could be your family for just a second. Here’s what I would say:

You are greatly loved by your Creator and you were uniquely fashioned for His Plan.

This society doesn’t love you.  This agenda of the enemy, it seeks to do nothing more than marginalize you, destroy you, keep you from being a threat in any way to the kingdom of darkness. It’s a trap.  Don’t fall for his lies.

The One who made you…He is the One who loves you…He is the One who can rescue you…He is the One who can guide you through this confusing and challenging part of life even if your own father and mother have forsaken you.  He is the Way.  He is the Truth.  He is the Life.  He is the ultimate Father and He knows how to redeem.

And He is your way out of the crossfire.

May you come and join His family when He calls,