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These words came out of my mouth the other day…

“They are trying to solve problems that they are still creating by rejecting God’s design.”

I was talking about politics, of course.  What else is anyone talking about in an election year.  It’s quite clear that we are in trouble and that the course we have chosen to take as a nation is leading to destruction.  We have effectively moved the boundary lines and now we are trying to come up with human answers to our rebellion so that we will not have to repent.  That’s the thing about rebellion, once you have committed to it…once you have walked away from God’s table to put your own plans into action…when they screw everything up, you have two choices…repent and go back to doing it God’s way or make up more answers to try to solve the problems on your own.

Back in 1973, our country legalized abortion through the decisions of one court case.  Since that day over 51 MILLION pregnancies have been terminated by women and their medical professionals.

This abortion decision was the world’s answer to the problem of “unplanned” pregnancies, most of which were the result of sex outside of marriage.

The world is still treating a symptom in a horrific and destructive way.  The root problem is society’s rebellion against God’s design for sex.  There was a reason that God made sex a sacred act between husband and wife who were committed to each other for life. There is a reason that He established this union as the foundation on which to build a family. Additionally, God calls any life planted in the womb a gift from Him.  There are so many sweet Scriptures on the blessing of children even from the womb that you can’t miss this part of the character of God in His Word.

School shootings rose dramatically after the Roe vs Wade decision in the 70’s .  The world’s answer has been more gun laws and stronger mental health programs along with tighter security measures and more rules in classrooms.  Yet not once has the actual root of the problem been considered by the decision makers.  Sure, these measures might fend off some symptoms, but do we really expect the same children that day in and day out get taught that they are the result of some huge cosmic accident, that the only thing that matters is how they feel, and that they are the “lucky” ones who made it out of the womb, to grow up mentally healthy.  Only the Truth can set our children free.  The Truth that they are intricately planned and designed in their mother’s womb by a God who created them for a specific mission on this earth…that they are His workmanship…that they are greatly loved by a God who gave up His own Son to save them.

The world has rebelled against God’s law because it is tough on sin.  It doesn’t bow to feelings, as a matter of fact, it specifies that we are to control them and not the other way around.  God’s way says that there is a time and a place, there is a season, there is waiting, there is investing, there is a way to find fulfillment and consequences to the cheap imitations. The way to blessing is down a narrow path that can only be traveled successfully with strict adherence to the Guide.  But we want to do it our own way.  Only, while we are out there creating our own life and building our own Kingdom, we are actually creating problems and consequences that are impossible for man to solve, not only for ourselves but for the people and circumstances around us that we break in the process.  These are things that can only be fixed by a return to God’s design.

On Father’s Day, I spent some time in deep thought about the epidemic of fatherlessness in our culture.  The symptoms are many and the stories are heart wrenching. The answer to the problem is a return to God’s design.  He designed the husband to be the head of the home and the provider and protector of his family. He told us also not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.  He sets out the design of marriage in His Word and it doesn’t include fatherlessness or feminism.  The world has redefined the marriage relationship to the point that a really great marriage is looked at as antiquated or boring or even a little like prison.

This year the world decided that God’s design should no longer govern marriage in the public sector.  In a quest to solve the problems of confusion and loss of identity in part brought about by the fatherlessness epidemic, they decided the answer was to champion alternate sexual orientation and other such lifestyles.  They empowered groups of people whose publicly stated purpose is to destroy the family and redesign the culture.  It wasn’t enough that our children have to mentally process their accidental existence and their survival of the womb…now we want them to make sure they have “chosen” the right gender and that they are open to any and every sexual orientation that anyone can think up.  They are now taught by society that sexual desires (and choices to act on them) are as unchangeable as the color of our skin, and should be treated as such. They now are forced to consider the options because not to is bigoted.  They now have a much more treacherous path to navigate as they live inside the culture of confusion…the generation trying to figure out how to live outside of God’s design without any consequences.

This world is broken.  It is broken because of the very thing that we are trying to find a way to embrace.  It is broken by sin.  Everything outside of God’s design IS sin.  We can’t fix this world…we can’t fix ourselves…we can’t fix the root of all these problems.  And God knew that.  It’s why He sent Jesus.  Because He knew that we would need redemption.  He paid for us…for all our mistakes…for all our rebellion with His Son’s own blood.   Because of THIS and only THIS, it is possible to return to God’s design.  He pleads daily “Be reconciled to Me.”

This world will continue to rage against the design of the Creator of it.  The enemy knows his time is short and he will use every trick in His bag to deceive, like he did to Eve in the garden…”Did God really say…?”  “That’s just old fashioned.”  “But if you do it that way, you will miss out.”  “It’s okay because you were hurt.”  “God’s way is too hard.” “If He said that, He must really hate women.” “If you believe that, you are just hateful”  “You won’t make it.” “You mess up anyway, so why even try.”  “You are too far gone for God’s design.”  “God is done with you.”  He will keep on and keep on, until you either shut him up with the Truth or accept and believe his lies.

He knows that your life will never be truly lived until it is put back under God’s design.

And that simply following God’s design is the bottom line answer to all of this world’s complicated problems.