There is more than one system at work here.

Everything Rides on Hope Now

In light of the outbreaks of anger, protest, violence, and grief going on around our country, I don’t think anyone has the luxury anymore of brushing off racism and ignoring it.  Rather, I think progress will only come by discussing it.  That’s right, I think it is high time for white and black to sit down at the same tables, on the same couches, in the same vehicles and to talk about what is going on…to share our perspectives in a calm and open manner…to listen to what is being said by the other side and to develop any solution based on facts instead of assumptions or racial stereotypes.

We need much, much more mature and open dialogue between races… but not an intense, defensive dialogue…rather one that takes into account that the person (or people) sitting across from us are ALL God’s intricate and beautiful creation.

I was privileged…

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