How Can I Help Orphans?

  • Adopt.  Follow that desire and step out into a world teeming with faith and grace.  Find out where God has your child waiting for you.
  • Give.  What resources do you have that can bring children home to their parents or take care of orphans in the place where they are right now?  It is easier than ever to connect with people around the world who are doing great work in caring for these babies.
  • Support.  Find the families that are in the midst of adoption, post adoption, or considering adoption.  Pray for them.  Babysit for them.  Make a meal for them.  Love on those babies that they have brought home starving for affection.  Give them any free resources that you have available to give.  We were given a free photo shoot when we came home with Kate.  It was an incredible blessing!!
  • Pray. Pray for these orphans around the world.  Pray for these countries.  Pray for revival that will sweep out the lifestyles and governments ridden with sin, selfishness, and greed.  Pray that the adoption system will avoid corruption at all costs and that children will not be used as pawns for political games.  Pray for the families that are called to adopt because their lives get messy when they answer the call and they need to be upheld.
  • Volunteer.  Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center.  Go on a mission trip that assists the orphans plight. Give of your time whenever you hear “orphan” or “widow”.  Get to know the children surrounding you…perhaps some of them are fatherless or abandoned in some way.
  • Educate.  Read books and blogs.  Get the facts about the orphan plight.  Listen when someone comes to your church to speak on adoption.  Know what is going on around you in the world…and then help someone else understand.  The more the word spreads, the more God has an opportunity to speak to hearts about His plan for these kids.  “Kisses with Katie” is a great place to start and is a very entertaining read that even a middle schooler would enjoy.  Oh and that reminds me, teach your children.  Educate them.  Breed a spirit of adoption in your family whether you have adopted or not.
  • Act.  Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING!  Lack of obedience is disobedience.


Why are orphans so close to the heart of God?  Where do you think He got all His children??  He only had one Son.  The rest of us are adopted… REDEEMED!!!  And let me just tell you, when you respond to God and obey His call to the orphan, you get to see redemption with your own eyes…and once you are a part of someone else’s redemption, you never want to do anything else with your life.

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