How Can I Know Jesus?

If you have clicked on this page, I am beyond thrilled about it.  Jesus is the only Hope of this world.  There is no other hope.  Things are getting really bad in our world and they will only be getting worse as time goes on.  But you are on the brink of making a decision that will not only change your earthly life, but also your eternal future.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • God created you for a purpose. You are not an accident.  He loves us so much that He even knows the number of hairs on our head (Matt. 10:30)
  • This world is fallen, and yes, that includes you.  We are all sinners (Romans 3:23).  We all fall short of God’s standard and need a Savior to rescue us from the destruction of sin.  God loves us so much that He provided a way for us.  Christ sacrificed Himself in our place and took our punishment (2 Corin. 5:21).
  • There is no one too far gone for Christ to forgive and set free from sin (Romans 10:13).  No matter your background or your past, no matter if people can’t forgive you or you can’t forgive yourself, Jesus is reaching out His Hand to you and asking you to “Come and find rest” (Matthew 11:28)
  • There is a cost to this relationship.  Things will change in your life.  Tim Keller puts it like this “Christianity isn’t something you add.  Christianity is more like an explosion that destroy everything you have to make way for setting new.”  I also took these notes one time “We serve a dissatisfied Redeemer.  He will not abandon His work. He will not stop what He has begun until every microbe of sin is delivered from every cell of every heart of every one of His children.  He’s a dissatisfied Redeemer and His dissatisfaction is, in fact, your hope.”  When you make the decision to make Christ Lord of your life, He will not stop working in your life until He is fully Lord…and that will be the rest of your life.  There will be things to give up, things to change, and struggles against sin.  There will be an expectation to quiet yourself and your life on a regular basis to listen for that still, small voice.  There will be a submitting, a breaking, and a humbling.
  • There is a reward in this relationship.  You’ve never been friends with a Creator, have you?  This God who hung the moon and who wakes the sun is the same God that you will have full access to every day for the rest of your life.  As His child, you have inherited LIFE… the best of life on earth and an eternal future in heaven.  Ultimately you will find that the real treasure of knowing Him is just belonging to Him and He to you.  It is the greatest romance that you could ever live.

So what do you do?  I don’t want to make it sound over simple, but here it is…

  • Count the Cost… Search your soul and make sure you are ready for this commitment.  If you have read to this point, no doubt the Holy Spirit is urging you to lay it down.  You have carried your own life through the desert too long and it is time for you to quench your thirsty soul at the well that never runs dry.  But you must know that you are making a covenant with the Lord…and He takes the covenant relationship seriously.  He will do the soul work that needs to be done, but you will have to submit to His Hand.
  • Put your Faith in Jesus… Until this day, your faith, belief, and trust has been in something or someone who will ultimately fail you.  You may have believed in science or in evolution or in religion or in yourself.  Take that faith and put it in the only One who can save you.  Lay your sins at the foot of the cross and accept His righteousness as a free gift.  You are justified by that faith (Romans 5:1) and placing it in Jesus brings peace with God.
  • Confess with your Mouth… Tell someone about the decision you have made today.  You need to confess it and let it become real in your life.  Find someone who can walk with your through your early days as a disciple of Jesus.  Pray that the Lord will lead you to a gathering of believers where you can belong and become strong and healthy.  This narrow road was not designed for travel alone.  There are many places you will slip and you will need someone there to grab your hand and pull you back up.

If you have submitted your life to Jesus today, I want you to know that you have made the best decision that you have ever or will ever make in your life.  Go write down this date so that you will never forget the commitment you have made.  An endless amount of resources have just opened up to you.  The Bible names Jesus as our Deliverer, Provider, Protector, Healer, Counselor, Savior, Redeemer, Father, Friend.  He’s pretty much an all in one God…you won’t need anything else to survive and navigate your life.  Spend the rest of your life aligning yourself with His purposes and you will one day see Him face to face.

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